Regrouping at camp

Good morning. It’s Tuesday morning and we’re sitting at a small campground near Richmond, VA. Considering this is my first week back to work, and that it was supposed to be over 90 degrees every day this week, we thought it was a smart idea to find a campground where we could hook up to power and wifi, so I could work comfortably and we could run the A/C. So far that strategy has paid off big-time!

It’s a peaceful spot in the shade, and we really are comfortable here. Everyone here seems really nice. It’s a mix of long-term stayers, and short-term people coming in for a night or two. Our plan is to stay here till the weekend and bust out Saturday morning. From here we are going to start making our way up to the Washington, DC area, and from there, up to Philly! Beyond that, who knows. 🙂 We have a Google Map going of all the places we want to see. Check it out:

Anyway, it’s almost time for the work day. I think I’m going to get outside, take a stretch, have a little walk before the day gets going.

If you missed our last video on youtube, here’s the link:

Hope everyone has a good one!