And we’re off!

Yesterday, June 3, we finally hit the road, after what seemed like endless months of emptying out everything in our house. But we made it! We pulled away from the house on a rainy Thursday afternoon, just two days past when we originally planned.

It certainly felt weird to leave the house, but we are excited for the adventures ahead. Our plan consisted of “heading North.” We are roughly targeting Richmond, VA at this point. Last night we stayed at a Love’s truck stop near Roanoke.

It was a pretty quiet night, aside from the occasional voice over the loud-speaker, announcing when showers were ready, the low rumble of idling semi-trucks, a sound Kim and I both find soothing (neither of us can sleep without white noise), and a surprise appearance from the late-night sprinkler system which hit the van every time the water passed by, waking us up every 90 seconds or so, for about an hour. All in all, though, we woke up feeling refreshed.

Today we got up, packed up, and drove to Linchberg, VA. It feels like an old railroad town. Certainly a blue-collar town. We have found a little park to relax at for the next little while. Thought it would be nice to spend the hot afternoon in the shade, reading some books, doing some journaling, and otherwise just relaxing the afternoon away.

This weekend we hope to post a video on our YouTube channel. Till next time!