Our first trip (Nov 10 – 29, 2020)

On November 10th, we hit the road in our little rental car with our two dogs and headed West to Boulder, CO to pick up our completed van from the folks at Coyote Conversions.

our trusty rental steed

We were very excited to finally see it in person and hit the road. It had been so many months planning and designing. It was a project we kicked off late last year, in 2019, but honestly it’s something we’ve been building towards for years.

It took a couple of days, and one of the worst night’s sleep we’ve ever had in the car that first night, but we got there.

Sunrise at the hotel

We spent 7 days at the Aloft Hotel in Broomfield, CO. A few more days than we had expected, due to some delays in getting everything wrapped up with our van, but it was nice, because we got to soak in some of the area, a place we’d never been before.

This is actually a dog park
Just a couple blocks from the hotel in Broomfield one evening

But finally, eventually, at last, we picked up our van and we were off to Michigan!

There she is!
This was at a rest area near our final destination in Michigan

We spent the next several days learning the systems and getting comfortable with everything.

Me behind the van

Once we were comfortable, we hit the road and headed south, back to our home base in Asheville, NC. 19 days of travel and a lot of fun times.

We’re figuring out our next move now. Hopefully we’ll be headed south for the winter, but we’re not sure of where and when just yet, so stay tuned.