We made it to Maine

We’ve hit a lot of states at this point! After rural Virginia, we made it over to Arlington to see my friend Courtney and crash at her empty apartment for a couple nights. It was a lovely relieve after being on the road for several days.

Even after the first night we were already eager to get back in to the van. The idea of it sitting out there on the streets all alone and in the heat made us anxious. We were excited to move on, so after the second night we packed up and hit the road to Gettysburg, PA.

We had a great time there. Beautiful and pastoral. After a lovely couple of days of parking at Cracker Barrels (they actually have a company policy that allows travelers to stay in their lots overnight free of charge) and Walmarts, we made our way to a campground near York PA.

It’s always nice to stop at those so we can take care of all the van systems, take showers, maybe even do laundry. This was a mostly primitive campsite, so just a power hookup and showers.

The next couple of days we spent checking out rural Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and up in to Connecticut. We decided to skip Boston and New York city just due to the traffic. The van is just not cut out for a whole lot of City driving. Philadelphia was a nightmare to get around in and noplace to park.

The traffic coming around new York and going up in to Connecticut on Friday at rush hour was absolutely horrendous. Worst I’ve ever seen.

It wasn’t until we woke up near New Hanover CT, just minutes from the beach did I really feel like the vanlife promises were starting to deliver, and the relaxing and fun times we’ve had over the last week have been amazing.

We blitzed through New Jersey, Massachusetts, the eastern edge of New York… Basically all the way to Maine. That’s where we are now, and talking about how beautiful Maine is will have to be another post.