From Maine to Vermont

Well after about 6 hours on the road yesterday, we traveled from the eastern coast of Maine to a small town called Danville in vermont, to meet our friends Glenn and Bethany who just bought a house here on a beautiful 10 acre lot.

I already miss maine. It was such a beautiful state, so clean and unscathed by humanity. The people there were all so nice and we have so many good memories. I can certainly imagine us returning back there someday. My favorite town was definitely Belfast I think, such a beautiful and peaceful vibe there and that town was just beyond adorable.

“Ya gotta go to Bah Hahbah!” Is how a Mainer told us to get to Bar Harbor. You have to love their accents. Someplace between Boston accent and Midwestern. Our favorite thing to say to each other on the road lately is a random “Bah Hahbah!!”

We would really love to stay near Bethany and Glenn for a while, but their internet is very spotty here, and I need to get back to work tomorrow, so we are not sure how this is going to play out yet. We might figure out a way to find internet around here just during the day and hang out in the evening with Glenn and Bethany, or we otherwise we’ll need to move on to another town where we can get online more easily.

Have a look at our Maine video if you haven’t yet. It really sums up the trip nicely!