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  • Headed North today
    Well today is a day we’ve been prepping for for a few weeks now. We are headed North, away from the cozy safety net of the in-laws. We’ll be on our way to the upper peninsula where we plan to visit and explore for many weeks to come. It’s a place I’ve never been and we are excited to see as much of it as possible, and also spend what’s hopefully the hottest remainder of the summer season, before headed further west where it’s been so hot lately. We don’t really have much of a plan beyond that. We will...
  • Settling down in West Michigan for a few weeks
    Good morning! Happy Monday. Well it has been a few since we’ve posted. Last time, we were in Vermont, in a small town called Danville. Since then, we made our way west, through New York State, the upper edge of Ohio, and finally up in to the Michigan area. We are currently parked outside of my in-law’s home in a small town in Western Michigan. Here’s the latest video chronicling our trek up to Michigan. We’ve been enjoying our time here. The weather has been absolutely fabulous. Most days it’s mid-to-upper 70s during the day, with night-time lows in the...
  • From Maine to Vermont
    Well after about 6 hours on the road yesterday, we traveled from the eastern coast of Maine to a small town called Danville in vermont, to meet our friends Glenn and Bethany who just bought a house here on a beautiful 10 acre lot. I already miss maine. It was such a beautiful state, so clean and unscathed by humanity. The people there were all so nice and we have so many good memories. I can certainly imagine us returning back there someday. My favorite town was definitely Belfast I think, such a beautiful and peaceful vibe there and that...

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